13 Gifts for Feminists & People with Periods – Brazen Gift Guide

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for the feminists and PWPs in your life, the Brazen Gift Guide has you covered with books, vibrators, jewelry, a course on gender bias, supplements, playing cards, pussy swag, candles, and more:

It’s the Virgin Mary in vulva form.  Designed by Maria Conejo, all Pussy Virgin profits support Pussypedia, “a free, bilingual encyclopedia of the pussy, made for you to understand.”

Founded by two women, Dame is on a mission to “close the pleasure gap – the disparity in satisfaction that people with vulvas experience in the bedroom, versus their cis male counterparts.” They have a range of vibrators, some for solo play and some specifically meant to enjoy with a partner (there’s even a hands-free one that tucks into your labia, providing extra stimulation without getting in the way of penetrative sex).

​Know someone who’d want to bust gender biases? (If not, consider getting out there and meeting new people?) This online course will enable you (or whoever you gift it to) to “identify deep-seated implicit biases, explore how they impact decision making, and learn to recode them in a proactive and empowering way.” While the UnSchool does offer a broader class on cognitive science, this one is focused on gender biases, how they impede equity and what you can do about it. 

candle that smells like “the dismantling of male power structures that plague society.” Burn, baby, burn.

This book exists to help people with periods understand their cycles, ease their symptoms, and reclaim their health – and their power! As Simon & Schuster describes it, Seeing Red is “a bold, practical, and data-driven handbook for menstrual periods that provides an easy-to-navigate roadmap for improving your reproductive health—and your everyday quality of life.”
For feminists who love lipstick. This one is vegan, cruelty-free and “bad bitch berry”. Plus – and the real reason it’s on this list – it says Notorious RBG on it and “50% of all earnings go towards supporting organizations that embody her ethos.”
This beautiful vulva necklace is part of a collection that aims to “recuperate the significance of personal objects of devotement as an intimate reliquary.” It is handmade by Ale Bremer, who hails from the desert of Northern Mexico and describes her jewelry as “a nostalgic interpretation of the reflection of her culture”.  And yes, whoever wears this necklace can say, “Hey! My vulva’s up here.” (Or not.)
Described as the “everything you have always wanted to know about feminism but were afraid to ask” manual, the Guilty Feminist book is all of that and more. It unpacks complex concepts and systems (like the patriarchy) in an accessible just-chatting-with-a-brilliant-friend voice. And since it’s written by comic genius Deborah Frances White, it’s all incredibly witty. If you want a taste of what to expect before buying, give her podcast a listen. (Nothing on this list is sponsored – we are just fans.)

Think of all the amazing things feminists with periods do. Now, imagine how much more they could do if they weren’t suffering from cramps and/or PMS every month. By giving someone (or yourself) a Brazen supplement subscription, you're essentially giving them the gift of pain-free, symptom-free cycles – and there’s a lot of power that comes along with that.

Made by artist Naima Green, these playing cards are gorgeous. As her website states, “‘Pur·suit’ is a deck of 54 playing cards featuring photographs of queer womxn, trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people. Inspired by Catherine Opie's ‘Dyke Deck,’ Green brings a new perspective and vision to an iconic foundational project.”

Is a skincare manual really feminist? It is if it’s this one, which is all about helping you break the hold that skincare and beauty products tend to have over us. This book will help you understand ingredient lists, enable you to identify the root cause of your skin problems, walk you through a product ‘detox’ program, and empower you to become your own apothecary. It’s got recipes for everything you could possibly need – like facial masks, cleansers, moisturizers, deodorant, and spot treatment – and makes the perfect gift for anyone who is into all-natural, zero-waste and/or DIY.

Six iconic female writer pins, for less than four bucks. We’ll just leave it at that.

Planned Parenthood needs our support now more than ever. You can give in the name of someone you love (make an honorary donation), or just give from yourself. (It’s tax-deductible!)

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