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Period Talk


My PMS is really bad. Is it PMDD?

What’s the difference between PMS and PMDD? How does our mindset affect our periods and our health at large? Why is digestion so key? What can you do to improve your period? Our founder, Kirsten Karchmer (KK), and Know Your Endo founder, Jessica Murnane (JM), break it down on Episode 145 of the One Part Podcast.

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The Cheapest, Easiest Way to Improve Your Period

There are so many factors that significantly impact your period and determine how easy or hard that time of the month is for you. A non-exhaustive list would include stress and how you manage it, the quality and quantity of sleep you get, what and when you eat, the type of exercise you do and how frequently you do it, and how much water you drink throughout the day.

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5 Foods that Ward Off PMS Headaches

Do you get PMS headaches? Are your periods typically short (1-3 days)? If your answer is yes to both of those questions, eating certain foods can help you reduce headaches, or avoid them altogether. It all comes down to giving your body what it needs to make blood. Our founder, Kirsten, explains…

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Does drinking alcohol affect your period?

You’d think that drinking alcohol would exacerbate both PMS and depression, right? As someone who has been working with women to improve their cycles and fertility for over two decades, this seemed like a no-brainer question. But I recently read a study on PMS-related depression that found women who reported moderate to severe alcohol consumption actually had a lower risk for PMS(!!).

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