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Period Talk


Surviving Your Period vs. Thriving With Your Period (Western vs. Eastern Medicine Perspectives)

Western medicine is all about looking for the “diseased state” and it’s kind of like a Pass/Fail course. If you don’t have an issue that can be diagnosed (F), you pass (it’s normal, you’re fine). That means cramps and PMS are accepted as normal as long as you don’t have a diagnosable disease or condition, like Endometriosis. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, is all about seeking the “ideal state” and it goes way back.

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The Link Between PMS & Depression

You’d think that drinking alcohol would exacerbate both PMS and depression, right? As someone who has been working with women to improve their cycles and fertility for over two decades, this seemed like a no-brainer question. But I recently read a study on PMS-related depression that found women who reported moderate to severe alcohol consumption actually had a lower risk for PMS(!!).

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The Root Cause of Your PMS (It’s Not What You Think)

You might think that cravings, crying, zits, and swollen boobs are all just part of getting your period. It’s common, for sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy or normal. Let that soak in for a second because the first step to getting rid of PMS is realizing that it’s possible. The next step is understanding what’s up with your PMS and what’s happening in your body to cause it.

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menstruation concept: word period spelled with pink letters on pink background with a tampon

How to Tell If You Have a Healthy Normal Period

No matter how different one person’s period is from the next, almost everyone has been told that their period and the symptoms that come with it are ‘normal’. So, how can we tell if what’s going on in our bodies is actually what’s supposed to be happening? How do we know if our symptoms are telling us that something’s wrong or if they’re just part of a ‘normal’ cycle?

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