Why does my period stop then start again?

Why does my period stop then start again

Have you ever started bleeding a day or two after you thought your period had ended? As in you had your period for a few days, you thought it was done because you stopped bleeding, you took out your cup or tampon, stopped using period underwear and pantie liners etc., you rejoiced, switched to normal underwear, and then a day later you found blood in your not-meant-for-periods underwear and screamed WHY so loud the floor shook? We’ve been there before and we know it can be maddening.

So, WHY does it happen? We asked our founder, Kirsten, to weigh in:

Kirsten’s response, written out for your convenience:

Sometimes you have your period and then you're four or five days along, you think you're done, your underwear is clean, and then suddenly on day six or seven you have more bleeding, more spotting, more clotting, goo in your underwear. It can seem disgusting and so disappointing because you've already used all your black underwear and now your clean ones are ruined.

This happens quite often and interestingly, there's no good data on why. But I do have a point of view just from clinical experience – I’ve noticed the correlation that often this will happen a lot with women who are exhausted.

Again, there's no data to support this, but I do have a theory (I almost always do). Here’s my thinking: You have a job when you're releasing your menstrual blood and it takes some energy to do that. While you're losing blood, your body is also working to discharge your uterine lining and it doesn't just happen magically. It doesn't fall out of your uterus – it takes work.

The week before your cycle you get kind of depleted as you’re trying to prepare for menstruation. Then you have your cycle, you bleed a lot, and after that, especially if you’re not getting enough sleep, working too much or working out too hard, your body may literally run out of gas around day four or five.

At that point, your body takes one day to rest. You eat some food, you probably don't feel that great, so you're not likely to exercise, you might sleep a little bit more, and your body sort of gears up to get a little bit more energy to discharge the last of your lining, which you experience as more blood.

That's my hypothesis. I hope you like it. If you find that this happens to you frequently, try to rest more, sleep more, avoid overworking, and cut back on intense workouts during your period. See if you notice a difference, keep tabs to see if the done-jk-it’s-not-over-yet period pattern stops. And let us know how it goes – we’d love to get your feedback on this.

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