Cinnamon Bark

Symptom Relief

Effectively reduced pain compared to placebo in a study on severe menstrual pain. It also decreased the volume of menstrual blood and nausea during the period.

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We found more than 1,908 studies on Cinnamon — here's what matters:

  • In a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial, university students were given either cinnamon, ibuprofen, or a placebo to address severe menstrual pain. Cinnamon was demonstrated to have a pain relieving effect compared to placebo, but was slightly less effective than ibuprofen. Pain the cinnamon group was reduced from an average of 7/10 to less than 2/10 during the course of treatment.

  • In addition to effectively reducing pain when compared to placebo, in a separate trial, cinnamon also reduced the volume of menstrual bleeding, as well as nausea and
    vomiting during the period.