Curcuma Zedoaria Root

Symptom Relief

Contains highly anti-inflammatory compound curcumin that helps reduce chronic pain and spasm.

Easy Flow Blend

Pain Relief Blend

Anti-Inflammatory Blend

We found more than 2,764 studies on Curcuma — here's what matters:

  • Curcuma Wenyujin is one of a number of plants in the turmeric family. Common to all these plants is a chemical constituent called curcumin. This particular component has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation and be effective in reducing chronic pain.

  • The curcuma family is particularly adept at decreasing menstrual pain. Specifically,  curcuma has been shown to reduce uterine contraction and spasm — the very actions that cause your worst cramps. Curcuma has also has a blood thinning action, similar to aspirin, but much milder.