White Peony Root

Symptom Relief

Powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory effects.

Used in PMS Support.

Pain Relief Blend

Hormone Health Blend

Mental Health Blend

We found more than 380 studies on Peony — here's what matters:

  • A powerful combination of peony root, bupleurum root, Chinese licorice root, and cyperus rhizome effectively improved the symptoms of PMS related depression, by helping to regulate Glu/GABA balance in the central nervous system, specifically by affecting neurotransmitters and receptors responsible for mood, memory, and other mental health conditions.

  • Herbs in the peony family are traditionally used for treating women’s health complaints. This powerful group of herbs have been shown to have analgesic (pain killing), antiinflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory effects.