Baikal Skullcap Root

Symptom Relief

A powerful anti-inflammatory that also helps protect the liver.

Used in PMS Support.

Anti-Inflammatory Blend

Hormone Health Blend


  • Baikal skullcap is a particularly important ingredient because it contains two powerful
    antioxidant flavones called Baicalin and Baicalein. These compounds are anti-inflammatory and are effective in reducing pain. Chinese skullcap flavones have also been shown to decrease anxiety and inhibit anxiety increasing neurons.
  • Additionally, Chinese skullcap flavones are hepatoprotective (they protect the liver), and decreased disease promoting proteins in the liver and also helped arrest liver cell death. Supporting healthy liver function is key to controlling PMS. Decreased liver function can lead to larger increases in hormone fluctuation, one of the primary causes of PMS symptoms.
  • Finally, we chose Chinese skullcap for its anticancer effects, especially against ovarian and breast cancer. Baicalein has been demonstrated to inhibit the proliferation of both ovarian cancer and breast cancer cells.