Two formulas. one perfect period.

I just need help with pain and cramping, mostly during my period.

If you just need help with pain and cramping, or Cramp Support formula is for. It includes our targeted pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and easy flow blends so you can get out of pain and on with your life.

I need help with PMS stuff like mood, digestion, or other hormonal issues.

If period pain and cramps aren’t your problem, but you need help with things like mood, irritability, sleeplessness, digestive issues, constipation, breast tenderness, acne, or other hormonal issues, our PMS Support formula is just right for you.


Symptom Relief

A bold, strong mint is traditionally used for a variety of stomach issues.

Motherwort Herb

Symptom Relief

Known for its antispasmodic and relaxing effect on the uterus, it also helps relax tension and irritability.

Used in Cramp Support.

Easy Flow Blend

Pain Relief Blend

We found more than 236 studies on Motherwort — here's what matters:


Symptom Relief

A traditional combination that's been demonstrated to be anti-inflammatory and relieve menstrual pain.

Used in Cramp Support.

Pain Relief Blend

Anti-Inflammatory Blend

We found more than 369 studies on Frankincense and Myrrh — here's what matters:
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Natural Plant-Based Ingredients formulated for period relief.

We started with 2,000-year-old formulas, sourced the highest quality ingredients, and updated them with the best peer-reviewed research, 20 years of clinical experience, and more than 10,000 patients.


Gluten & Allergen Free

Made in the USA

No Hormones or Synthetics

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